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An internet savvy friend recently found the following list (referenced from the Coffee Grounds to Ground website) which has some great ideas.  I can vouch for the ants, odours and garden tips as we put our office coffee grounds into the garden and the particular bush lucky enough to receive them is thriving.  It is near the front door to the office and we have no ants.

Ever been perfume shopping and seen bowls of coffee – its to absorb excess odour.  Coffee’s stimulating qualities are also said to be wonderful for regenerating lines around the eyes.  As the clock ticks on and more lines appear I take solace in the knowledge that I have an abundance of coffee grounds which I can make eye masks with!!!!

The Many Uses of Coffee Grounds

If you like to drink coffee, you have probably wondered what to do with the coffee grounds besides throw them into the trash. Coffee grounds actually can be used for other things besides filling up the trash can. Read on for ideas for things to do with those coffee grounds.

Keep Out The Cats and Ants

In order to keep cats away from your flower beds and your yard, you should sprinkle coffee grounds around the perimeter of your property.

Easter Egg Dye

Actually, coffee grounds can be used to dye a variety of things.

Get Rid of Grease

You can easily scour out your pots and pans by using coffee grounds.

Keep Down the Ashes

If you use a wood stove, coal stove, or fireplace during the winter months, you know how dusty things get when you clean out the ashes. Wet coffee grounds are a great way to help keep the dust to a minimum during the cleaning process. Simply dump wet grounds over the ashes before you begin to clean in order to keep the dust from spreading all over the room.

Deodorize and Refresh

You can use coffee grounds to deodorize your garbage disposal. Just toss the wet ground into the unit and let them sit. The grounds will help to mask any offensive odours.

Fertilize Your Plants

You can also sprinkle coffee grounds around your indoor plants. Not only will the grounds repel pests, but they will also help to fertilize the soil around your plants.

Use to Help Spread Seeds

If you are a gardener, you know how difficult it can be to spread or scatter small seeds like carrot seeds or radish seeds. To help with this, you can mix the small seeds into coffee grounds. Not only will this make the seeds easier to spread over the ground but it will also help to repel pests and fertilize the soil around the seeds.

Remove Strong Odours from Your Hands

It can be difficult to get the aroma of strong foods like onion and fish off your hands. If you are cooking with foods like this, you may want to rub some coffee grounds into your hands to remove the odour. After you have rubbed the grounds into your hands, you can just rinse the coffee grounds off.


You can use coffee grounds for a facial. Just rub the grounds into your skin in order to ex foliate dead skin cells. Then, rinse the grounds off the skin.


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